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ARK Patchnotes 279.233

  • Ersteller des Themas Eloed1972
  • Erstellungsdatum


@ Kitten: Einfach den Server neu starten und updaten lassen.

-Patch Notes- Current (279.233) & Upcoming (Eggcellent Adventure Event)

Current ARK Official Server Network Servers Version: 279.233

Current Version: v279.23

- Eggcellent Adventure content. Details on how to turn on (not enabled yet on official servers, TBA):…etail/1654384241440028827

- Multiple mesh/base exploit fixes

- Raptor Pack Buff now lasts for 45 seconds

- Global Banlist URL has been updated to

- Fix Raptor Basic Attack audio

- Fixed Aberrant trike colourization

- Sarco can now hurt target on roll even if it can't carry it

- Fix for crash when equipping empty folder

- Updated Argent claw grab back to original weight restrictions

- Fixes for forceflee from Parasaur

- Fixes for Parasaur not attacking targets when ordered to

- Raptor can no longer pounce very small things like insects

- Fix for trike getting stuck charging

- Players can no longer build in the puzzle cave on Ragnarok

- Fixed a bug where Spino Hydration buff would timeout unexpectedly

- Pinned target no longer stays down if Raptor is killed

- Removed pounces while being carried

- Fix for Argent grabbing through walls